A Few Tricks

Monday, October 21st Journey has been working on learning a few tricks: Visit (head on lap) Pose (head on hand) Pray for Labs Get in a box (example of shaping behavior)


Sunday, October 20th Today Journey played and worked with Parker.  Training alongside Parker provides quite a distraction for Journey, but he’s doing very well.

Mommy’s Little Helper

Tuesday, September 24th Journey helped me with a client for the first time today.   He provided a distraction to help my client’s pup work around distractions.  It was also really good for Journey to practice his behaviors around another dog.

Training Update

Tuesday, September 17th Journey has learned the trick “sad” where he puts his head on his paws on cue.  He is also doing really well with spin and weave through mom’s legs.


Monday, September 16th Today Journey practiced sit and down while Mom checked the mail. Tonight he practiced his loose lead walking, sit, down and wave while his doggy friend, Parker, watched.  Then they had a short play.

Mat Behaviour

Thursday, August 29th Today was a home day.  We worked on mat behaviour.  Journey is now “offering” the behaviour of laying down on his mat.  This behaviour will come in handy later on.