A Note on Responsible Socialization

When preparing to socialize your puppy, please be aware that different veterinarians have different vaccination protocols which need to be respected.  Remember that socialization before your puppy’s series of vaccinations  is complete must be done responsibly.  When pups are young … Continue reading


A Few Tricks

Monday, October 21st Journey has been working on learning a few tricks: Visit (head on lap) Pose (head on hand) Pray for Labs Get in a box (example of shaping behavior)


Sunday, October 20th Today Journey played and worked with Parker.  Training alongside Parker provides quite a distraction for Journey, but he’s doing very well.

Kitchen Helper

Friday, October 18th Here is Journey on his mat while Mom bakes.  Every now and then he gets a piece of apple for remaining on his mat.  

Beach Boy

Tuesday, October 15th Today Journey had a blast at Brackley Beach.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.


Saturday, October 12th 17 weeks old today! Journey met and played with 3 new puppies today.

Trip to Summerside

Friday, October 11th Journey went to Summerside today.  He had some new experiences–first was a car revving its engine and then he saw and heard some men working on a roof, throwing shingles onto the wooden boardwalk, a sound that … Continue reading


Wednesday, October 9th Today Journey met a number of passengers from the cruise ship that was in port.  They were eager to pet and interact with him.  He met a lady using crutches which was a new experience for him.  … Continue reading